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Olio Gialìda

The extra virgin olive oil we produce comes exclusively from the processing of monovarietal cultivars olives named "Bosana".

This cultivars, very common throughout the region of Sardinia and especially in the central and northern areas, is characterized by the good yield of oil, and by the high quality of the product, especially when the milling is performed early, when the ripening has just begun.

In this way the oil obtained shows the fruity essences typical of the cultivars and of the territory such as, for example: the artichoke, the thistle and the green of the Mediterranean maquis.

In this oil season, which started at the end of November 2012 and ended in the first week of January 2013, our oil production has offered a typycal tasty olive oil, that stands out in three more specific varieties, related to the intensity and to the balance of scents and perceptible aromas:


Olio Gialìda GIALIDA Serra ‘e ozu

is an extra virgin olive oil which has enhanced all the best characteristics typical of the cultivars "Bosana".

Once tasting it presents distinct and balanced fruity scents, which are  typical of the vegetation related to the area of ​​origin.

To enjoy really this oil, by capturing every nuance of flavor and aroma, we recommend to taste it on “bruschetta” (garlic bread), carasau bread (typycal Sardinian bread) , simple salads, paste cheese and all those dishes where the flavors have a poor texture.

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Olio GialìdaGIALIDA Turre

is an extra virgin olive oil that has all the typical characteristics of the cultivars "Bosana", in which you experience the clearly marked fruity scents taste, characteristic of the vegetation of the origin area.

We recommend to taste it with grilled red meat, on all salads, especially on the 'Caprese' one (tomatoes and mozzarella), on soups and creamy soups, and on all those dishes in which the basic flavors are distinct and persistent.


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Olio GialìdaGIALIDA

is an extra virgin olive oil obtained from the cultivars "Bosana", by letting that the ripeness of the olives continues longer before harvesting.

In this way, one gets an oil in which the typical aromas of cultivars are mitigated, giving to taste a soft flavor but not lacking in character.

It is recommended on salt fish or baked one, on quality white meat, on cooked vegetables and generally on all those dishes in which the delicacy of the basic flavors must be preserved.

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